Isaiah Jozua

Praise the Lord, Haleluya!
Isaiah Jozua Kusumo Liando was born at 13:47 pm at Wellington Hospital, NZ
He weighed 3.76kg and was born with abnormality of a true knot of the umbilical cord. "Such knots are more likely to occur with abnormally long umbilical cords that may develop with increased fetal movement. Such a knot could constrict the blood vessels and lead to fetal demise/death." (source)

Big love to mom (Krisna 'Nina' Kusumo) for the great labour. Well done!

About the name
Isaiah Jozua means "salvation is God and God is salvation", emphasising a faith that God will always save us, human, in any terms and conditions. Because God is good and we are bad therefore there are some corrections need to be met from the salvation.

Isaiah means "salvation is God". (Hebrew: יְשַׁעְיָהוּ, Modern Yəšaʿyáhu Tiberian Yəšaʿăyāhû ; Greek: Ἠσαΐας, Ēsaiās ; Arabic: أشعیاء‎, Ash'iyā' ; "Salvation of/is YHWH")

Jozua (a Dutch variation of Joshua) means "God is salvation". (Hebrew: יהושע‎, "Yehoshua", meaning means "Yahweh is Salvation,")

Kusumo means a nice-scented flower from Java Indonesia, also known as Epiphyllum oxypetalum (Dutchman's Pipe).

About the blog

Nina is going to be the person who will update this blog frequently relating to baby Zay's development and interesting stories.

Isaiah's big sister Kezia also has a blog. Is it a good time to merge, Keziawatch?


Hani said...

dear jeffry, nina and kezia...congrats for a new member in the family ya :)

big hugs from all of us in lombok...mwaaaaaaah!

boen, hani, khansa, tsaqif, azka, miska and idris

cnd.L@fr said...

kalo guru nanya arti namanya, Zay udah ada 'contekan'... ;). duuuh kapan yak bisa ketemuan..?

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