Weight and Length Watch

Weight, lenght and head circ: 3.780 kg, 55 cm and 36.2 cm.

BCG Immunisation

Given, upper-arm, by Ministry of Health

Hearing Test

Tested by Waikato Health (division of Waikato DHB).
Result: Pass

Weight and Length Watch

Weight: 3.490 kg
Length: 55 cm
Head circ: 36 cm.

Neonatal Examination

By Dr. Noel Manikkam. Comment: normal baby.

First-week watch

Weight: 3.500 kg
Length: 55 cm
Head circ: 35.5 cm

Kezia Josefine is here

Kezia Josefin Kusumo Liando. Born: Tuesday, at 00.17am (Jakarta/Java time: Monday, at 18.17). Delivered by: Clare Hutchinson at River Ridge Birth Centre, Von Temski, Hamilton. Weight: 3.45 kg. Length: 55 cm.

About the name

Kezia is the name of Job's second daughter who was born after prosperity had returned to him (Job 42:10-17). Kezia also means Cassia tree which produces a sweet-scented spice known as Cinnamon.

Josefin (a Scandinavian variation of Josephine) means "God will increase" derived from the Hebrew Yōsēf.

So Kezia Josefin can mean "Sweet prosperity returned and God will increase".

Kusumo means a nice-scented flower from Java Indonesia, also known as Epiphyllum oxypetalum (Dutchman's Pipe).

There is a big hope for us refreshing a new life in New Zealand.

Our Thank You Card to Clare who delivered Kezia to us

Dearest Clare,

We started with few knowledge and idea.
You had been filling us up with yours and delivered Kezia to us.
We remain in lots of happiness and hope.

Thank you for everything.

Krisna (Nina) – Jeffry
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