Kezia & penampilan baru

Udah beberapa hari ini Keziawatch tampil dengan penampilan baru...gak semuanya sih tapi yang jelas kayaknya sekarang lebih cantik deh dengan background warna ijo nya. Lebih adem...apa coba ???

Makasih ya papa merril udah spent time untuk redesign keziawatch.

Well, sekarang kezia udah 8,5 bulan dan lagi suka ngomong kalo lagi nangis...pasti dia langsung ngomong hiks hiks...jadi terharu).

Walaupun udah dibuatin playground dengan banyak mainan disekitarnya, tapi kalo lagi bozen dia akan tertarik dengan hal2 yang lain disekitarnya seperti kebawah kolong meja atau kursi and ngobrak-ngabrik CD atau kaset papanya. Hahahaha...sukurin deh !!!

You should be amazed of how quick your baby grows and learns. She will be very aware and interested in everything around her. Baby thrive to learn in a loving, caring environment. Baby will touch and explore anything she can reach. She has no understanding of danger, so needs to be kept safe.

Now, kezia is enjoying listening to the sounds of words and trying to copy sounds, listening to songs and action songs, looking at picture and reading books with bright clear picture and listening to me naming the objects.

Thank you Jesus for giving me a healthy and beautiful baby. Thank you Jesus for all You've done.


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